There are various reasons why people love sports and หวยฟ้าชาย. Cricket is one of the most traditional and oldest of all these worldwide. Cricket has moved with the times over the years since the 16th century. The grand spectacle of the five-day international test matches resulted in its growth. Its popularity continued to rise with one-day events, T20, and the Indian Premier League. Due to its increasing popularity, tv coverage became extensive, and the interest in cricket betting keeps on skyrocketing. Plenty of online sportsbooks, such as www.huay, came into existence.

Cricket formats

Understanding the formats of the game is crucial before you learn the types of bets available.

Test matches

These games are the most traditional form. These take up to five days, with each side getting two innings to bat. Test matches are the best format for most purists. An example of cricket games played in this format is the Ashes Series. England’s County Championship uses a four-day version of the test game.

One-Day matches

It only takes one day to complete these games, with each side having 50 overs to bat. There are certain fielding restrictions in one-day matches. The limitations help the scoring of runs. The ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy are both played in this format.


Each side has 20 overs to rack up a winning score. This format offers a fast and furious action that gives punters a more entertaining spectacle. Like One-Day matches, there are fielding restrictions. One of the reasons why it is popular is its short duration. Major cricketing nations provide a T20 competition. The Indian Premier League is the most lucrative and prestigious.

Types of bets

There are plenty of options available for punters in online cricket betting. Knowing about each bet helps you place the proper wagers.

Man of the match

A player receives the Man of the Match in each game. Several factors affect this bet.

Match/Series result

This straightforward bet is the most popular among punters. A bettor places a wager on a team who will win the match. For the series result, you bet on the team that comes out on top overall in a series of games. There are two options for one-day matches and T20 cricket. One is betting on either side to win, and the other is betting on a draw.

Top run-scorer

This bet is for the player who will score the most runs in a given match or specified innings.

Top wicket-taker

You bet on a bowler who takes the most wickets in a specified match or given innings.

Total runs

Oddsmakers set a specific number for each game. You bet on whether the totals fall under or over the specified number. This bet is popular among spread bettors due to its volatility.